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Product Description

This is a stylish Rainbow Pod clock with four nixie glow tubes. It is available in either yellow or pink. The Pod clock uses the latest technology in terms of manufacturing and electronics with the casing made by 3D printing. The surround approximately matches the colour of the numeric display, adding to its visual appeal.

The nixie clock has been designed to be as easy to set up as possible, one control for setting the hours and another for the minutes. Once the clock is set up you can then leave it alone and it will accurately and reliably keep the correct time for you. If you're more technically inclined, there is a settings menu to change other parameters. There is a sixteen-page instruction manual for advanced settings, should you require it, although it is not necessary for normal use


  • The yellow or pink Pod clock display is made up of our legendary IN-12 Nixie tubes.
  • 3D printed casing.
  • The clock displays the time and date.
  • Light sensitive, will automatically dim the display in darker surroundings.
  • Backlight colour fully programable, with varied display patterns.
  • Internal battery keeps the correct time for up to three years without the clock being powered.
  • Accurate to within +/- one minute per year.
  • The nixie tube Pod clock runs off a very low voltage 12v supply. If the clock is to be used outside the UK, we ship it with the correct adaptor for your country.
  • The light glow inside the nixie tubes is not generated by heat like a traditional light bulb, so it runs cool.
  • The tubes last for approximately twenty years.

L: 15 cm x W: 6 cm x D: 5 cm

Please note: Due to the nature of the 3D printing process, each clock is unique and the casing colour can vary slightly from the image.

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