Francesca Marcenaro Jewellery

Francesca Marcenaro JewelleryFrancesca Marcenaro Handmade Silver Jewellery

Francesca Marcenaro is an Italian artist in love with London. A lawyer turned jewellery designer who perfected her craft at the Art Institute in Florence, Italy. During that time, she drew inspiration and creativity from the Italian art, architecture and nature that surrounded her. At the Art institute her passion for jewellery accelerated until she decided to make her creations into a full time design career. Francesca now lives and creates in London and finds herself constantly inspired by the multicultural melting pot of this vast capital. She draws on the attraction of creatives, the sparkling vibrance and diversity where to be different is a quality to be treasured, much like her own creations. Each piece of her striking jewellery is hand made, totally unique and made to order. Its unusual and tactile quality combines precious metals with the queen of gems, the natural pearl along side other semi precious gemstones. To possess one of Francesca's creations is capturing your own piece of enchanted magic!

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