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Product Description

The design of this original pendant takes its inspiration from the idea of energy moving through space and time. There are references to symbols from ancient Egypt such as the Eye of Horus, planetary alignments and the sacred geometry of triangles and spirals.  The pendant is created from sterling silver, tourmaline and garnet using weaving and cold connections to bind all the components together to create this stunning pendant.

Please note that Camilla West's handmade jewellery collections are bespoke one-off pieces and unique originals. The images shown on this listing and from her collection are very similar to what you would receive but not identical. 

Diameter: 5.5 cm comes complete with a 20" oxidised and polished sterling silver snake chain.

All Camilla West jewellery comes in a gift box.

Delivery Timescales:
Some of the collection is made to order. Camilla makes all of her jewellery by hand in the UK.  A great deal of Camilla West’s jewellery collection is in stock and can be dispatched quickly, so you would receive it in a few days. If made to order, please allow 14 days for your jewellery to be ready for shipping. If the piece needs hallmarking, this will increase processing time to up to 21 working days. Pieces can often be fast-tracked to arrive in time for your special date, but there may be an extra charge due to express hallmarking costs. 

Please email customer support if you need a piece quickly as we may be able to help; or if you have any questions about a particular piece.

 The Music Of The Spheres is made to order, please allow up to twenty-one    working days for it to be dispatched to you. 

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