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Product Description

Charles Farris was founded in London in 1845 is a proud Royal Warrant holder to the Queen and is world famous for its fine luxury candle craftsmanship and contemporary candle designs. Using 170 years of unique candle making experience, Charles Farris Candles has now created a range of premium candles and scented reed diffusers, specifically for use at home. Working with master blenders to create unique and beautiful scents as a luxury home accessory to enhance you home decor and well-being.

The Rubus signature scented candle is composed of aromatic bay blended with sharp blackberry, crisp green and herbal notes to create a vibrant scent. An uplifting blend, inspired by English country hedgerows in late summer.

Our premium luxury scented candles are wrapped in beautiful textured dark midnight blue glass and hand-poured in England for a slow, even burn, and made using only the highest quality local ingredients.

Product Details: 
Weight: 210g
Burn Time: 50 hours Approx

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