How to Find the Best Father's Day Gift

Aug 8, 2023

What is Father’s Day Gifting All About?

Father’s Day is on Sunday, 20th June. it's all about recognition by a son or daughter for a job well done throughout that year. Of course, for parents, the job is ongoing, no matter what the son or daughters age, it just evolves naturally through time as everybody ages. Likewise, a father’s expectations of their special day differs too through time. Your little toddler might squiggle a multi coloured drawing of a stick man with some subtle artist pointers from mum, for which, you would be both proud and delighted on many levels, with their creativity, imagination and patience. As your child gets older, they might look to their mum for more in-depth Father’s Day advice on what would be the best gift he might like. She would more than likely buy the gift herself and help her little one regards gift wrapping and writing something appropriate on the gift card.


Father’s Day Gift Ideas at School

As school looms, older children would probably receive more classroom advice from their teachers regards suggestions on Father’s Day gifting, dedicating at least one, possibly more classes to enlightening students further on the subject. This might include an art orientated lesson encouraging and assisting the class with hand drawn or painted cards or making something more three dimensional. Jumping forward a couple of years, junior school children might be set more complicated and creative tasks to produce something more elaborate and decorate it for their Dad.

Mum's Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas 

Pre-teens could have added input from friends and classmates on what they were planning and maybe discuss it in a group. More than likely, any question for their mum would be, “what gift shall I get Dad, what kind of thing would he like”? Funding the best type of gift might come from pocket money at this age or possibly a quick tenner slipped their way from a relative. The actual gift planning details could be left more in the hands of the child, with gentle parental reminders, such as, “well, have you thought what you’re getting your Dad on Father’s Day yet?” or “You’ve only got a week left, don’t leave it to the last minute”! Followed no doubt with the obligatory rolling of the eyes!

Older Children's Gift Ideas

As the years rapidly roll by and weekend and holiday jobs arrive on the scene, children tend to have a more individual and personal take on preparing for the whole Father’s Day event. Mum holds her breath and tries to not interfere or panic. Creativity might surface again to include creating something in the kitchen, cakes might be the obvious choice, if there is a leaning towards culinary skills. The more imaginative might organise a picnic in the garden or a nearby beauty spot with a few surprise invitations to friends or relatives. Food could be homemade or bought in the local supermarket, either way, father would be touched at the thoughtful efforts and clearly impressed at the time willingly given to organise his annual celebration Father’s Day event.

Out for Tea on the Special Day

Some teens might elect to go off-piste and take Dad to a nearby garden centre café for tea and cake and even surprise him with a nice pot plant pre purchased and presented by a café staff member, luckily no singing will be required for this event! If garden centres aren’t available, a local tearoom or café is equally suitable. If there are more than three people attending, contributions from mum would probably help too. It would be a bit disappointing for Dad if he had to get his card out when the bill arrives. It’s often not considered at the planning stage and and takes the edge of his treat.

Sock it to Him!

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Great Gifts for Father's Day

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Whatever you decide to do on Father’s Day, enjoy your special time together and remember to make great memories too!