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Product Description

WALKIES humorous canine phrase for dog lovers. The perfect and very unusual dog lead holder for your four legged friend. This quirky picture frame is made from 1930's vintage playing cards, which are hand mounted in a cream and black bevel card mount and beautifully presented in a classic black wooden box frame. The Walkies phrase picture frame has been adapted with four small hooks so that you can hang leads from it.

Vintage Playing Cards specialises in creating classic or amusing words and phrases from individually hand selected, original 1930's vintage playing cards and displayed in a handmade box frame.

Each picture frame is hand-crafted in a studio in Suffolk, England, to create a very eye catching piece of decorative, yet practical artwork which will make the perfect unusual gift for your home. An ideal and original Birthday, Anniversary or dog owner gift idea. Sourced from original playing card games and crafted into a decorative artistic medium, these very unusual, retro styled gifts are both collectable, stylish and unique, each with a classic, romantic or humorous twist on the word or phrase. Each individual playing card is an original item and not mass reproduced.

At 51cm long, this is a real eye catching, canine statement piece that any self respecting dog would be justly proud of. The perfect gift for a dog lover or a great addition to any home and you will never lose a lead ever again. As a bonus, if you mislay your dog, he or she will probably be sitting patiently under the lead rack, but don't mention the 'W' word unless you are ready for a walk!

Length: 51cm
Height:  20cm
Depth:  1.5cm

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