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Product Description

The Touchdown Wireless Car Charger allows you to keep your battery life topped up and your eyes on the road. The unit simply and securely clips into the air vent of your car, perfectly holding your phone to keep it safe and still whilst providing the optimum angle for in-car phone use like navigation, speaker calls, and face ID all whilst keeping your phone wirelessly charged.

Wireless charging technology is all in the smartphone's physical structure. It's not a piece of software you can download; rather it is a physical addition, like the phone's battery or the sim card. Inside a pre-compatible smartphone, there is a copper induction coil that creates an electromagnetic field between the phone and a wireless charging base to charge it.

15W fast charge
Premium finish
Compact size
Wireless, cable-free charging
Compatible with almost all smartphones
Available in Black with silver trim
Input: USB C type cable and QC3.0 plug included

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