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Product Description

The Poncho Cover easily attaches to the top of the TiiPii Bed in minutes and offers protection from the elements of weather when set up outside.

Creating a cozy environment to enjoy within, the Poncho provides both shelter from the rain and a canopy of shade during sunny weather, so you have the freedom to enjoy your TiiPii come rain, hail or shine!

Featuring one main door entry & multiple ventilated windows that can be tied back or zipped closed to keep the warmth and atmosphere in, and a fine-netted layer to keep mosquitos out.

It allows the option to leave all interior accessories like cushions and throws inside, simply unzip and relax. Snugly fitting directly on a free-hanging TiiPii Bed, the Poncho Cover can also be creatively used to turn the floating daybed into a cozy floating yurt-style tent.

Layer on top of the sheer TiiPii net for added softness, atmosphere & ambiance. Also utterly perfect for glamping, camping, festivals, and pop-up events alike. 



  • Waterproof, anti-mould, anti-mildew, anti-UV
  • Made with high-quality waterproof canvas
  • 3 openable, fine-netted windows, 1 main zippered door
  • Toggles secure the Poncho Cover to the TiiPii Bed
  • Can be used directly on the TiiPii Bed, no TiiPii Stand required
  • Easily attaches to the top of TiiPii ropes
  • Convenient canvas storage bag included 


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