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Product Description

Another stunning 3D relief metal wall art design from the gallery collection by Primus showing a grand ocean liner reminiscent of The Titanic herself. 

There is something about ocean liners that stirs a feeling of glamour and this huge metal wall art of a classic ship is no exception. Shown with its funnels smoking in full steam ahead against the vast expanse of ocean and sky, this large metal wall hanging exudes a peaceful sense of grace and movement. 
These stylish artworks are created by combining metalwork and artistic skills, individual pieces of metal are welded to a solid metal frame, then hand painted, making every piece a unique work of art. 

The touchable surface of the ocean liner ship has an exciting 3D effect, with the raised metal features of the funnel and masts standing out when viewed from the side and creating a complete collage when viewed face on.


(LHD) 180cm x 56cm x 6cm

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