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Product Description

The Nixie glow tube desk clock RS-70 was originally a Polish-made radiation detector designed to be worn around the neck and would beep if it sensed any radiation.

Once stood upright and upcycled, they make wonderful and interesting desk clocks! Made from Bakelite, each one has the original year of manufacture stamped into the front. The nixie clock uses our latest-generation electronics and is feature-packed and super easy to set with an hour button and a minute button respectively. Once you've set the time you can then just leave it to run with an accuracy of +/- 1 minute a year.

Or, if you like playing with settings, then there is a whole booklet that comes with the clock so you can pretty well adjust and fiddle with all the functionality.


  • Nixie Geiger desk clock shows time and date display on four IN-12 Nixie tubes.
  • Nixie tube life in excess of twenty years.
  • Full colour RGB programmable backlighting with various display modes.
  • Light sensor, so it automatically dims at night.
  • Battery-backed time will retain time for up to three years without clock. being powered.
  • Programmable blanking.
  • Anti cathode poisoning.
  • Made from bakerlite.
  • Each clock is individually signed and numbered. 

 H: 18 cm x W: 16 cm x D: 8 cm 

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