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Product Description

Part of a stunning range of hand cast aluminium with a pitted, textured appearance to add interest and intrigue. These particular pieces are inspired by soft coral found in warm waters and around reefs. They are colonial animals that have a beautiful branching structure to create the 'fans' which is the inspiration behind this entire collection. The silver cast Perforated Coral Inspired Bowl and indeed the whole collection are a nod towards a wider trend of biophilic design where natural forms are incorporated into our buildings and everyday items.  Explore the rest of the collection for more beautiful designs.



Medium:                                      Large:

Height: 16 cm                             Height: 39 cm
Width: 31 cm                              Width:  20 cm
Depth: 31 cm                              Depth:  39 cm
Weight: 0.90kg
Colour: Silver,
Material: Aluminium

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