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Product Description

The Ohlson, hand-cast, aluminium fruit bowl has a pitted, textured appearance to add interest to the design. These particular decorative pieces by Hill Interiors are inspired by soft coral found in warm waters around tropical reefs. Coral are colonial animals and some varieties have a beautiful branching treelike structure to create the fans which are the inspiration behind this entire Ohlson collection.

The Ohlson silver cast coral bowl and indeed the whole Ohlson collection are another example of a wider trend of biophilic design where natural organic forms and shapes are incorporated into our everyday items. Explore the rest of the beautiful and unusual Ohlson coral collection for more designs for your home or office space.

Large: H: 20cm x W: 20cm x D: 39cm
Medium: H: 16cm x W: 31cm x D: 31cm

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