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Product Description

From the Noel Collection at Hill Interiors, we present a set of three silver and gold holders made from hand-etched burnished glass. A larger vase at 16cm high and two smaller candle holders at 15cm and 10cm high. Perfect all year round to burn your votive candles or tea lights for a twinkly ambiance in your home, either as a set of three together or set them individually in a room. Please note the room set image shows two holders, but three are included in the set.

Large Votive Holder     Medium Votive Holder    Vase
Height: 15 cm                 Height: 10 cm                   Height:  16 cm
Width:  19 cm                 Width:   12 cm                  Width:   14 cm
Depth:  19 cm                 Depth:   10 cm                  Depth:  14 cm

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