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Product Description

Housed in a 100% natural and sustainable wood casing and breathable fabric top, the Tumbler Selfie Bluetooth speaker is not just any portable selfie speaker.  

This handy and sleek looking design not only plays your favourite tunes with a powerful, clean sound, but also features a unique hands-free Selfie function to remotely take an image with your smartphone from a distance. Much better looking than a selfie stick!  The Tumbler also comes with a stylish hand strap to make it even more portable and the hidden USB charging port on the back of the speaker makes it look even more sleek and efficient. The Tumbler speaker is powered by in-built rechargeable battery and it has a long battery life up to 10 hours playing time. What more could you want!

Further more, the unique tumbling feature makes this design stands out from the small speaker crowd and creates a little bit more fun to your music experience. Listen, play and interact!

The Tumbler selfie speaker reflects our product philosophy to create a stylish yet functional, modern but also sustainable great new design without having to compromise on aesthetic beauty and new technology.   

Tumbler Features:

Made of 100% natural and sustainable cherry wood, maple wood or walnut wood.

Bluetooth V5. 0

Output power : 3W

Speaker driver ø32mm

Selfie photoing feature - controls smartphone to take photos from a distance.

Powered by in built Li-poıymer rechargeable battery 300mAh

4-10 hours play time (depends on the volume)

Input power : DC5V, 0. 2A

App. 1.5-2 hours for fully charged

Size: 72.5mm x 72.5mm x 35mm

Weight: 90g

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