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Product Description

This universal 'fits all knife sizes' large wooden bamboo magnetic knife block holder allows you to safely display your stunning Flint and Flame kitchen knives (or other brands too). The holder protects the super-sharp blades inside a clear acrylic screen, which is mounted on both sides of the wooden block, see detail image. The magnetic knife block is made from bamboo, which is naturally anti-bacterial. Unlike most knife blocks, your knives can be stored in any arrangement alongside the magnetic strips. The knife block features super strong magnets to ensure your knives stay locked in place until needed. Non-slip base pads keep the block from slipping across the work surface.

The large wooden knife block will fit approximately 8-12 knives depending on the size of the individual knives. The knives in the lifestyle image are not included with the product as they are for illustrative purposes only.

W 27cm x H 23.5cm x D 8.5cm
Weight: 2.7kg

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