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SMC386 -b

Product Description

Any music lover will love the new Steepletone BT SMC386 PRO USB Recordable Five in One Music Centre with Bluetooth connection and playback. This unique music system from Steepletone offers  its users five main features.

First and foremost, the NEW BT SMC386 PRO has a three speed Pro Deck style turntable with pitch control and strobe Illuminator, allowing you to play vinyl records to your heart’s content.  Next, the system has two cassette decks that means you can revive your cassette collection. There’s even a tuner that makes it possible for you to tune in to AM/FM radio stations with the greatest of ease.

Of course, the BTSMC386 Pro is suitable for modern listeners because the device comes equipped with a full function CD player plus an SD/MMC socket and a USB 2. 0 port. This means playing MP3 and WMA files in this vintage style system will not be a problem at all.

Other interesting specifications of the BT SMC386 PRO include its capability to record from vinyl, radio, CD and cassette to cassette. In addition, recording from vinyl, cassette and CD to USB or SD is also very convenient with its one button MP3 recording tool. The track separation technology for vinyl and cassette MP3 recordings is particularly noteworthy.


  • Five in One music system with remote control.
  • Three speed (33/45/78rpm) turntable.
  • Pro Deck style turntable with pitch control strobe illuminator, Auto – stop Switch & flip – stylus.
  • LCD backlit display.
  • Remote control.
  • Full function CD player.
  • Mw – Fm stereo radio.
  • Bluetooth playback.
  • Twin cassette decks – one with record function continuous play on cassette players tape recording from tape/vinyl/radio and CD.
  • SD/MMC socket & USB 2. 0 Port for MP3 playback (MP3 & WMA format).
  • Connect USB/SD device of up to 16GB max size (Note: not compatible with iPOD).
  • MP3 encoding/recording from CD, Vinyl & Cassette with ‘TS’ Track Separation.
  • RCA (L + R) Line – out Jacks.
  • 3. 5mm dia. Subwoofer Jack.
  • 3. 5mm dia. Headphone Socket.
  • Two Stereo Speakers: Output – 30W p.m.p.o.
  • Available in Black or Silver finish
  • Power by 230V AC Mains

 Dimensions:  L: 29cm x W: 32cm x D: 29cm


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