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A wonderfully contemporary piece of sculpture designed by Garth Williams for the Edge Company to imbue a sense of movement and life in the garden. Artistically enhance your garden space with our stunning ‘Dance’ curved, highly polished stainless steel ornamental metal garden sculpture.

'Dance' is finished in a high buff polish, it's unique and slinky appearance is accentuated by its inverted hammered exterior. The undulations that produce the abstract shapes reflect all the colours of the nearby garden.

These works of art are particular suited to a nearby water feature, terrace or patio or nestling at the bottom of the garden amongst trees, bushes and foliage. The curvy slinky shaped ‘Dance’ brings your garden space to life with bright colourful mirror like reflections of the garden and sky, depending on your viewing position and angle. ‘Dance’ creates a dramatic visual statement and artistic display on your lawn with its abstract curved shape and reflects the light of the sun to create a mesmerising display

120cm x 24cm x 16cm


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