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Product Description

The Steepletone DUO are a pair of Bluetooth headphones (x2 units) that can connect wirelessly and simultaneously within 10 meters to the broadcasting device. Ideal for sharing the experience when you're both watching a movie, when traveling or want to listen to the same music without disturbing others.

You get a beautiful box with two sets of headphones, one in red and one in silver. The black Duo headphones can connect via cables, Bluetooth, or MP3 playback, to FM Radio, a mobile phone, tablet, Ipad/iPods, TV, Hi-Fi systems, DVD, VCR, and CD players. Both sets of headphones come with independent volume controls and play from a single source or individual sources for each.

You can even control your own personal volume when paired together so if one person likes the volume higher than the other lower, its perfect!

A 3.5mm jack-to-jack lead is supplied for wired connection (Aux-in or–out), should you not be able to use Bluetooth or if you want to listen to music on devices without Bluetooth, such as a CD or DVD player, Ipads, Ipods, radios and Hi-Fi systems. The headphones are lightweight, weighing only 170gms, which means they won't weigh you down, unlike many other headphone brands.

You can listen with your Duo's for up to six hours before they need recharging again, so when you need to charge the headphones, they will alert you themselves with low charge LED indicators, which are also active when charging. Total charge time will take approximately three hours so make sure you put these on to charge at night before you go to sleep, ready to use again in the morning. You can charge the Duo headphones via a USB cable. A micro USB-to-USB charging cable is supplied, but a USB charger plug is not included.


  • 2 pairs of Bluetooth wireless headphones.
  • Independent – /+ volume on each headphone unit.
  • 2 headphones – single source playback.
  • Single headphone playback – one-to-one.
  • Operation range up to 10m (open area).
  • Built-in Lithium battery (battery capacity 450mAH).
  • Auto ON/OFF circuitry.
  • Charge the Duo headphones by USB cable with a micro USB-to-USB charging cable supplied.
  • Approximate charge time >3 hours/standby time >180hours.
  • Battery lifetime approximately >6 hours usage.
  • Charging and low-charge LED indicators.
  • Comfortable lightweight: 170gms.
  • Soft cup ear pads.
  • Rubberised paint finish.
  • 3.5mm jack-to-jack lead supplied for wired connection (Aux-in or–out).
  • Use with any Bluetooth transmitter.
  • FM auto-scan radio (frequency: 87–108 MHz).
  • TF card MP3 playback (up to 16GB max).
  • Use with any audio source, e.g. DVD player, CD player, iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, TV, VCR, Hi-Fi system or radio with 3.5mm diameter headphone socket.

Please note: USB charger plug not included.

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