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Designed to be filled with Christmas memories, this book will become a time capsule of your family life seen through the lens of Christmas gatherings. 

Create a new tradition and bring this book out during the festive period and have everyone write in it.

Simply pass it around the dinner table and invite each person to write a short sentence about their year.

The perfect memory book for families of all kinds, blood or otherwise, for those who love Christmas or tolerate it..... 

The perfect gift for a couple with a new baby or moving into a new home.

On Christmas Day, or over the entire festive period, hand this album around, (or leave it open in the hallway like a guestbook) and get everyone to write a line or two about their year.

Great holidays, experiences, milestones, new arrivals, anything they want - get the family grinch just to sign it and little ones can just dribble over it and leave a lovely hand print.

Pop in one photograph, where you were, who cooked, then it's back in its box, and up with the Christmas decorations ready for next year and before you know it you have a family history in one amazing book.

It will be the beginning of a family tradition that just keeps getting better as the years go by.

  • Design to contain twenty five years worth of memories
  • Start a new family tradition
  • Effortlessly create your own family history
  • Size of Book: 23cm x 23cm

For those people who don't normally like record books and keepsakes because they are a lot of effort and generally end up in a drawer after the first year - forget what you think you know about memory books, this one is designed to be hassle free and is a pleasure to fill.

The way it is designed makes it completely unique because you make it what it is.  If you want detail you can make it a tradition for each guest to write a long passage about what they want from the year ahead, what happened to them in the year that's coming to an end.

If you want to keep it short and sweet, you can ask everyone to just write three words - you could end up with "Turkey was dry!", remember your dad was a grumpy so and so but at least he was honest!

The thing about this book is after a few years of writing in it, it just gets more and more magical with each passing year and it generally takes longer to pass around as the years go by because everyone loves to look back and see what happened in the previous years, read what everyone has written and look at the photos.

It's designed for busy people - minimum effort, maximum effect and it will become an organic family history that you'll treasure forever.

It lasts for 50 years!

The perfect gift for a family this Christmas.

This unique, ultra personal Christmas memory book will be filled with memories that will be cherished forever.

This Christmas Memory Book stores twenty five years of your family Christmas memories and is the perfect way to record your family's life throughout the years without all the hassle.

A wonderful gift for anyone with family at heart.

Year on year, watch your children's (and your own) aspirations for the forthcoming year change, check out momentous events from previous years and enjoy the memories!

Beautifully packaged to withstand the years. It's put away each January 6 with the Christmas decorations and becomes a delightful rediscovery each year as the festivities begin.

This book is designed to be filled with twenty five years worth of family Christmas memories.

Each year has four pages.

A photo from the day and details of where and with whom you spent Christmas on one double page spread and the other double page spread is where you pass it around and allow everyone to write their own Christmas message, or you can even use that space as a very special guest book, it's entirely up to you.

Its thick front cover page is designed to withstand any spills or drops that might occur around the Christmas dinner table.

It also has its own plastic outer case to keep it extra safe from sticky fingers or butter fingers for that matter!

It's the perfect gift for any family this Christmas.




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