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This 12k gold-filled, amber drop necklace is simply stunning as it catches the light. Each stone is unique so no two are ever the same. Gold fill is thicker than gold plate and will last you for years to come.

Each stone pairing is unique, so they won’t look exactly the same as the pair shown here. Her inspiration is golden sunlight bouncing off water and playing joyfully on rocky walls. You can adjust their length by threading them less or further through your ear. Your ear will hold them naturally in place, because a standard ear piercing is not an open hole

There are also matching drop earrings for all the Reflected Sunlight Collection.

Please note that Camilla West's handmade jewellery collection are bespoke one off pieces and unique originals. The images shown on this listing and from her collection are very similar to what you would receive but not identical.

Camilla makes her jewellery by hand and to order. Please allow up to seven working days for it to be dispatched to you. Some items are in stock and could be dispatched to you quicker, so please email us for details.

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