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Product Description

The mains powered LED word text filament bulb table lamp with a copper stand and real marble stone base takes a single filament bulb. Choose your preferred word bulb from the wide selection of twenty words and colours listed below. 

These very unique LED filament word bulbs are designed to bring a unique, ultra-cool style and beautiful light to any home or office. 

The bulbs are a standard E27 Edison screw fitting, they are a 4 Watt and 230 volts. They are made with LED filaments for a much longer life span of 25,000 hours of light. The bulbs are non-dimmable and have an IP 20 rating and a Lumen rating of 80-90lm. Bring some light to your life with the Bright Ideas light bulb collection!

The table lamp comes with one word filament bulb.

How to order the bulb:
Select your table lamp and the word filament bulb from the BULB STYLE dropdown menu list.

Twenty different word text filament bulbs are available:

  • Love (Red)
  • You (Red)
  • Live (Pink)
  • Laugh (Pink)
  • Beer (Yellow)
  • Gin (Green)
  • Gin (Pink)
  • Fizz (Yellow)
  • Fizz (Pink)
  • Wine (Red)
  • Happy (Yellow)
  • Dream (Pink)
  • Home (Blue)
  • Glam (Pink)
  • Queen (Pink)
  • Babe (Pink)
  • Dance (Pink)
  • Time (Blue)
  • Mr (Blue)
  • Mrs (Pink)
  • Kind (Blue)


  • The bulb is made from glass.
  • E27 Edison screw fittings.
  • Mains plug.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Bulb dimensions approx: 11.5cm diameter.
  • Long life span: 25,000 hours of light.
  • 230v, 50Hz, lumen rating of 80-90lm.

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