Charles Farris Luxury Designer Candles and Home Fragrance Reed Diffuser

 Charles Farris
Luxury Candles and Home Fragrance Diffusers
- By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen -

Founded in London in 1845, Charles Farris is a proud Royal Warrant holder to her Majesty the Queen and are famous for their fine candle craftsmanship and contemporary designs. Using 170 years of unique candle making experience, Charles Farris Candles has now created a range of premium candles and scented reed diffusers, specifically for use at home. Working with master blenders to create unique and beautiful scents as a luxury home accessory to enhance you home decor and well-being. Charles Farris Candles - Garden of Eden Signature Luxury Scented Slow Burn Candle and Home Fragrance Diffuser Lifestyle Group | Tuberose, Jasmine  & Ylang Ylang

Charles Farris Candles demonstrates a world of bespoke luxury that is inspired by, and immersed in the contemporary London scene. Working with the most forward thinking noses, Charles Farris Candles is enduringly at the forefront of fragrance and luxury candle making. The name Charles Farris has always been synonymous with bespoke, high end, designer candle making and craftsmanship. Charles Farris's luxurious scented candles still use the same traditional methods from the Victorian era to make the best luxury candles for the modern day, slow-burning, long lasting and always of the highest quality. The generations of skilled candle makers, have allowed Charles Farris to remain integral to the London scenery, creating luxury scented candles you know and love today.
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