Valentines Day gifts for men

Valentines Day Gifts For The Boys!!


It has been brought to my attention that I have been focusing my attention too much on the girls with regards to Valentines Day Gifts For this Valentines Day Gifts blog is for all of you who have a lovely man to buy for; so here are some great Valentines Day gift ideas to show how much you love him....


Valentines Day Football Gifts

May we proudly present the amazing Mightymast Club full size professional Italian football games table. We are confident he’ll 100% love it and there’s a pretty good chance you will too!  Perfect for the games room or the man cave, what’s not to like? 


Valentines Day Pool Table Gifts

Or maybe he fancies himself as a bit of a hustler? The Callisto 7' full size professional pool Table will make him even more popular with his friends and would be the perfect Valentines gift as long as you don’t mind having the boys round every weekend!!

Callisto Professional Full Size Pool Games Table 


Valentines Day Professional Kitchen Knife Gift Set

Perhaps your man fancies himself as another Gordon Ramsay? We can honestly say these cooking knives are a cut above (sorry couldn’t help ourselves!) the rest and this particular professional cooking knife collection looks as good as it carves, slices, crushes and chops.

Flint and Flame Gourmet Chefs Kitchen Knife Set


Valentines Day Quirky But Amazing Gift Ideas

Now this is is something very different and unusual which is one of the reasons we love it.  Imagine a wine cooler which doubles as an ambient light. Fully chargeable so you can put it in the garden for summer parties or in the bedroom with a chilled bottle of your favourite tipple for a romantic evening and then…it becomes a Bluetooth speaker streaming your favourite tunes through your Spotify or Deezer etc.   The sound is incredible and the whole package costs less than you might imagine. We can’t recommend this too highly; we have one and absolutely LOVE IT.



Kooduu Bluetooth Speaker and LED Ambient Room Lamp and Bottle Cooler


Valentines Day 'Damn Handsome' Neat Gifts for Men

It’s his pride and joy, what makes him the man he is and you love it. What better way to take care of this luxurious growth than the Damn Handsome Beard Kit from our friends at Men’s Society.  A handy tin containing everything he needs to keep his beard in tip top condition, beard oil, moustache wax, stainless steel scissors and stainless steel moustache shaped comb. Grab one now and keep his facial fuzz looking fabulous.

 Men's Society Dam Handsome Beard Kit

This has to be the perfect gift for any Whisky lover Dad, brother, lover, other, anyone who enjoys a glass of the angels nectar.

Included in this stylish cylinder are:

6 Whisky stones and pouch to keep your tipple ice cold and undiluted. 
2 quality heavy glass Whiskey tumblers to house your dram of choice.
2 Coasters and a Notebook and Pencil. 


Men's Society Whisky Lovers Kit

Whetted Your Appetite To Shop?

This is just a few of the very unusual and unique Valentines Day gifts available on our site...we have 600+ gifts to choose from!! So treat your lovely man to something awesomely amazing on the 14th!



...and get it in plenty of time for the Big Valentine's Day Gift Extravaganza!


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