KOODUU Synergy Bluetooth Wireless Speaker LED Lamp & Bottle Cooler

KOODUU Synergy Bluetooth Wireless Speaker LED Lamp & Bottle Cooler

We have been busy bees here at Unusual, visiting shows for the quirky and downright different to bring you and we think we've found it.

Take a look at the Kooduu Synergy. In this day and age we are always being told to work smarter not harder and here is something that is very smart indeed. The Kooduu Synergy is a LED floor lamp which can be placed inside your home, in the garden or on the deck. Not only will it provide a warm, ambient glow you can also fill it with ice and cool your drinks, or fill it with water and use as a vase but it doesn't end there, oh no....It also delivers high quality audio via Bluetooth with a quick and effortless sync to any compatible device stream your favourite tunes from your smartphone or music apps to create that special vibe.

The Synergy is made of high quality material which showcases its Danish design; atmospheric, practical and sustainable. With a handle made of Bison Leather, aluminium trim and synthetic body we can't think of a more unique or innovative product around right now and by the way it's selling neither can you! It comes in three sizes so there's a Kooduu Synergy for everyone. Click on the link and get yours today!

BUY THE KOODUUhttps://unusualdesignergifts.co.uk/collections/kooduu

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